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Holly Henderson – Maidstone Fringe Magazine

Holly Henderson

Back in 2017, Holly Henderson began working with guitarist, producer & Youtuber Pete Thorn (Chris Cornell, Courtney Love, Melissa Etheridge) on what would become her first full-length album, “Monday Green”. Pete first became aware of Holly through Instagram and was drawn to her raw musicality and instincts. It’s an amazing and inspiring story of how a relatively unknown young artist can meet one of the most respected guitarists in the world over the internet and a short time later she is in LA recording with some of the best talents in the business.

Holly’s music can go from ‘slow & beautiful’ to ‘melt your face off’ within the blink of an eye. The 10 songs on the album are full of melody and beauty with an undercurrent of heavy moods, strong harmonies, and impressive guitar work.

The album features contributions by Blair Sinta (Alanis Morissette, Stevie Nicks) and Jon Button (The Who, Sheryl Crow), Jebin Bruni (Meshell Ndegeocello, Fiona Apple) and Dennis Martin (Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi).

The video for the premier single, “Loneliness” was directed by George Mays, an award-winning Los Angeles based freelance director for Red Bull Media House.